Scout: Voice control browser by mozilla Firefox

Mozilla the creator of Firefox, is said to be working on a voice-controlled platform of its own, called Scout.


Mozilla is also considering that the future of Web browsing is voice control. So they are going to introduce scout.



Move over keyboards, mice, or even finger swipes, as after the success of Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa, Mozilla thought that voice control is the future.


A new listing for an all-hands internal meeting about what appears to be a project called Scout has been spotted.


However, Mozilla has reportedly made it clear that it is an early-stage project.


Notably, the non-profit has previously announced its interest in the voice-recognition field, and has some open source platforms already, such as Common Voice and Deep Speech.



Voice control over electronic devices is increasingly common as we talk to our digital doodads to make calendar appointments, dictate messages and search for TV shows.

New artificial intelligence technology is key to letting computing devices understand us and communicate back to us with voice.


Services like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri sound ever more human.


For Mozilla, a voice-controlled browser could open up a new way to use the web,

Chrome accounts for 58 percent of web usage compared with Firefox’s 5 percent, according to analytics firm StatCounter.


if Mozilla can bring a browser like this then it will overtake the marketplace.

Mozilla will be able to increase its profit.

Most of the people use google as a search engine. I felt almost 60%.

Google is the king of the search engine. After that Bing, Yahoo.

If Mozilla able to introduce such an unbelievable technology than it can knock them its competitors.


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