Online earning by genuine and right method

Online earning

Online earning has become a trend in today’s era. Everyone is the hunger to income more and more. But they don’t know the right platform for online earning.



Before reading this blog you can search on the internet that how to earn will get lots of fake and scam way of online earning which doesn’t work at all.



But I am going to show you some genuine way to earn online because I am earning from this –




Blogging has become a profession now because people are earning millions of bucks from this.


For blogging, you will need a domain name and web hosting.


After that writing good content, you can approve from Google Adsense and earn money.

Online earning

Affiliate marketing has become a good source of online income.



People earn beyond money from this beyond imagination.


It looks easy but it is not so easy in reality in my opinion.

The challenging part is people can directly buy from Amazon or other online stores directly.



Why? Why? The would click on your link.



The solution is you have to promote your affiliate link on Facebook or

other websites. You have to invest some bucks in this process.

Online Earning
Affiliate marketing






  • Domain selling

Everyone is not well aware of it. But it can give you a lot of money in a week.

But you have to use your mind sharply here. Don’t buy domain directly without verifying it previous background.

You must go for the deleted domain which is forgotten. And look its price in Go Daddy and Flippa auction.

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  • E-Commerce Business

Another way is you can start your own E-Commerce business .if you have a store then you must go for it.



You can also brand your own product also. Amazon is a providing a good facility on this ground


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This is some of my personal opinion of online earning ways from where I am earning a lot! lot!



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